Saturday, October 23, 2010

National College Venture Competition officially kicked off

Information from the China Education Council organized Kingdee Software (China) Limited has undertaken the first national Graduate Entrepreneurship Competition at November 1, 2008 start, and in March 12, 2009 officially launched the online registration. The competition by the Friends of Kingdee's business network ( official website provides support and full coverage.

To promote enterprise education to improve the quality of the vigorous promotion of entrepreneurship teaching, this competition for business plans based on a "Kingdee K / 3" ERP management software, "Venture Star", "business management" Electronic Warfare System The race for the Information Environment platform, the real social environment, business representation, must go through various problems, so that students at no cost, no risk but to accept the test of the social environment, students have the business sense, entrepreneurship, and ultimately create employment opportunities for students.

Competition is divided into internal trials, provincial qualifiers, regional semi-finals and finals Siduan national event; to institutions apply for the unit, guided by a teacher and four students were participating in the school team. Among them, the school trials organized by the participating institutions themselves; provincial qualifying organization by the Competition Organizing Committee, and elected under the competition rules of the winning team qualify for the semi-finals qualify for the region; regional semifinal win the team will advance to National Finals. Final rankings will be based on comprehensive performance were awarded first prize, second prize, third prize. First prize team will enter the "Venture Star" competition for competition, the winner will receive 100,000 yuan Kingdee Software-sponsored venture capital fund.

Activities shown in the official contest website:

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WinGate FAQ

WinGate is a proxy server and firewall software package that allows multiple users simultaneous access only through a connection Internet. I use it in the process of collection, summarizes some small experience, is dedicated to you "size."

Q: Client QQ, network flashget Ant and how to set?

A: First confirmed WinGate server is enabled by default Socks proxy service, QQ client preferences in the network settings tab, find the proxy settings, select the "Use Socks5 proxy server", "Proxy server address" enter WinGate server's IP address, the default port is 1080, such as the WinGate server to allow anonymous access to optional user name and password, press the test button, if you can over the line through.
Netants, Flashget set method similar to the "Options" settings find the "Agent" tab, add a "proxy server", enter the server address, port type and port number (FTP port default is 21) , must be noted that even if the server does not offer Socks, and FTP proxy services can use the HTTP proxy port (default 80), and then set it to "Default Proxy" button.

Q: What applications to install WinGate client?

A: The need for a direct Internet connection without support Socks proxy service programs (such as NetMeeting) need to install the WinGate Client software. In the WinGate client configuration is successful, the client application should be configured to direct Internet connection, but no longer need to configure proxy server parameters. As the LAN only WinGate server has a valid WAN IP, can only call other people using NetMeeting, or receive calls within the LAN can not accept calls from the Internet.

Q: OE and Foxmail how to send and receive E-mail settings?

A: OE and use the client to receive e-mail settings Foxmail easier POP3 server mail program is set to WinGate server's IP address, attention should POP3 account in the "@" symbol to crosswise " "such as your original account is" ", be changed to" user # ". However, mail has some problems, WinGate's SMTP proxy can only set up a server, which means you have to find a letter of the SMTP server allows anonymous to ensure that the LAN users to use different mail letters, so best to own build an SMTP server on the server.

Q: I have IIS installed WinGate server to use port 80, the WWW service can be modified into WinGate as another port?

A: Yes, as long as no other server on port conflict on the line. In fact, modify the port there are other useful, for example, you do not want to let other people use QQ but do not want to influence their use, the Socks in the server port set to other numbers. Some SMTP port by increasing the number of SMTP servers to resolve the problem letter, but the server and the client set a lot of trouble.

Q: WinGate server cache (Cache) is set too bigger better?

A:. Because the hard disk is increasingly becoming the bottleneck of the whole system, Cache is too large, multiple concurrent client access to server hard disk will cause congestion, the current mainstream models (CPU: P 鈪?800MHz, memory: 128MB) according to the number of users and access custom settings for the 100MB ~ 200MB is enough.

Q: Why browse the server where the content can not be added to the Cache?

A: First of all, the server must also like the same client can be WinGate Internet through a proxy cache, followed by some pages (such as ASP, PHP) dynamically to access Internet, generally can not be saved in the Cache.

Q: How WinGate server to filter out undesirable sites?

A: WinGate server side in a strategic (Policies) to filter sites. But take note, WinGate support the transfer of HTTP to Socks, Socks proxy service must be both in the application of the policy. Setting an example with the following? Quot; sex "site filter string.

The first step: in the WWW proxy service in the establishment of a strategy

By Administrator log on to the Gatekeeper, double-click Services (Services) tab of the WWW Proxy Service (WWW proxy service) to edit. Selection strategy (Policies) tab, the default rights (System policies) option, choose to ignore (Are ignored). Click Add (Add), select "All" radio button (Everyone) as an acceptable strategy for users. Click the ban list of labels (Ban list), click open the prohibited list of options (Enable ban list option). Click Add (Add), restrict a specific site, click This criterion is met if, select the HTTP URL, in the middle of the input box, select "contains" (Contains from the list). In the last input box, type "sex", increase the other to join the list of prohibited content, save your settings.

Step Two: Application Strategy

Double-click the Socks proxy service, select Socks Advanced (Advanced) tab, the HTTP protocol option, select the Use following policy button. Then the next menu, select the WWW Proxy server entries, click OK and save.

Q: Set the "use dial", the why, when access to LAN resources, WinGate also dial-up?

A: This is a request from the workstation by the DNS query result, even if these queries are in the local network (such as query the LAN computer name or shared printer name) will trigger the automatic dialing WinGate, by prohibiting DNS request to allow dial-up solution. By Administrator log on to the Gatekeeper, in the "System" tab, double-click the DNS service (DNS service), the General (General) tab close "to allow start dialing request (Allow request to initiate)" option, click OK, Save your settings.


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Town and only "limited earnings"

Based on the "public interest begins and ends with profit," the strategic level, thousands of rural million new channel before joining the policy in March 2010 officially started. Channel different from the agency's traditional policy, the new preferential policy to support more, but also pay more attention to brand promotion, the cultivation of the channels, and regain the initiative, in support of the franchisees, while striving to achieve the company and join business and grow together.

Different from the traditional agency, the authorized franchisee title policy "CISS CNC ** Cross-sales service center market." Among them, the main difference or is the most favorable terms is a franchisee of a lot of money to support, that is, only to join the Town and provide financial support for a period of 3 years. Including its four sides, namely on the franchisee's office for a period of 3 years rent subsidies; Second, the company's sales for the franchisee to provide wage subsidies for a period of 3 years and KPI bonus subsidies; third is to provide each franchisee Acer brand online The 2; 4 is available free of charge during the product training and training, accommodation and transport costs.

In addition to funding support, as well as marketing support and other support policies to support. Overall, the intensity of support policies can not say much. Faced with such favorable terms, I believe many people will be tempted. Of course, they meet the conditions for joining the company will enjoy such favorable conditions.

Faced with such favorable conditions for support, some hearts will certainly be such a question: Is it good to promote the company's products? For why the launch of the channel so much effort to support the policy, Town and Talent company president Dr. Lin Guangxin said: "SAAS model in a foreign country is a very mature service model, in the country can be said that just started is the first company to provide SAAS service, after 5 years continuous service, the company's service quality has withstood the test. As the company grew, you can say that can promote the phase of large-scale, based on this consideration, the company decided to step up construction of the channel input. for our company, products and services quality problems that Bubi doubts, our company China has been engaged in software research and development experience of 16 years, from 2004 onwards, independent research and development "CISS cross Netcom" products, to B / S architecture, SAAS service mode services to the majority of small and medium enterprises. CISS cross on price with China Netcom competitive advantage, the same quality, lower prices. CISS features and services across Netcom has competitive advantages, the same price, function better and better services, is your trusted solution and service providers. "

The purpose of this channel is one of support policies to improve the company's product brand awareness, people's doubts again that if the funds into large-scale advertising, it can be achieved in a short time on high visibility, and funds invested in the company confused on enabling the franchisee for the problem, only vice president of Bo Town, said: "whether products or services, consumers are ultimately foot the bill, the cost of advertising eventually to be passed on to consumers. We support a lot of money available to join the channel, can reduce product prices, help consumers after the consumers of our services will word of mouth publicity that is more conducive to company. Moreover, advertising will only be known, and only a moment in time, we need a lasting reputation, consumers can bring long recognized the popularity, reputation, can be said that this policy can bring a win-win result, consumers get inexpensive quality services, the franchisee for funding support, our company was branding. "

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

To expose the fraud: WinRAR to compress 775MB 13.4MB

I believe many people probably remember about a year ago was used to compress an empty file 100MB 1MB, then put into the 1.44MB floppy disk, and led to numerous spittle farce Why?

Recently, the author of a well-known in the country to see such a post Forum: A Russian's ARPG game to a 755MB compressed file size is only 13.4MB! From 755MB to 13.4MB, which is amazing what a compression ratio of Oh! Indeed a ripple, flew forum attracted many users of the incredible evaluation. In the end is not really that amazing? Is is a hoax? According to the post by the prompt to download the file address, I also curious to start the following test.


Click (extract password erased), this "magic" of the file downloaded to the local hard disk, open its properties, and found that we usually do not use the Common self-extracting file format, and size really is only 13.4MB, compression rate of 1%!

Figure 1:755 MB compressed file turned out to be 13.4MB!?

Figure 2: such a high compression ratio and amazing!

We should know that the latest version of WinRAR has supported file format, directly with the latest version of WinRAR to unpack, get three files, one of the MDF file size is really 755MB, if played Sacred (Sacred Discipline) This game should know that this is CD1 mirror, can be used Deamon load.

Figure 3: File size

I was not interested in the game itself, but know the MDF file compression ratio is not likely so high, why have such a high compression rate? And extracting such a large 755MB file, even when less than 1 minute!

Figure 4: The shocking speed

WinRAR by this author tried to achieve the highest compression ratio method, to extract out of the 755MB file to re-compress it again.

Tip: How to get the highest compression rate of WinRAR?

1. Use the "best" compression, run in WinRAR "Settings 鈫?Options 鈫?Options 鈫?Create the default compression compression configuration" open "to set the default compression options" window, in the "General" tab of "compression "field select the" best. "

2. On the compressed file or the same type of large number of small files, you can in the "Archive options" bar check "to create a fixed file file", and do not use the recovery record, in the "default compression option" is not checked " set to resume recording. "

3. With the best dictionary file: "default compression options" window, switch to the "Advanced" tab, click the "compression" button in the pop-up window "conventional compression column," select "Dictionary File" of the size of the largest "4096KB".

The author has compressed many times the size of the results obtained are between 16MB ~ 20MB, and compressed into the compression rate of 13.4MB is quite close, and to compress the time required to less than 4 minutes! "God" a?

Figure 5: We personally compressed, it has also to be such a high compression ratio?

Figure 6: re-compression

However, this is often used for file compression is not confused by the author, can be sure that the original author of the document source tampered. In the absence of the game's original CD, so CD can not be compared with CDCheck software to compare the before and after the two CD. So, I thought of using 16-bit text editor UltraEdit to directly analyze the source code. Open the 755MB file took a lot of time and found that most of the source code file is 00!, This file is a compressed air-scam!

Figure 7: The file's source code actually is 00! Empty file?!


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Monday, September 13, 2010

Striving to be China's "Shipbuilding City", on the shipbuilding industry along the Yangtze River

Low-end break impasse private enterprises in China shipbuilding industry, the flag ship "COSCO Kawasaki," the Chinese leader made a large seagoing vessel changes were "COSCO" If Nantong "COSCO" of large enterprises, like "Gemini," Yao Liang World shipbuilding night sky, then, in recent years, floating down the Yangtze River in Nantong hundreds of miles more than 30 bank line of private enterprises, such as the sky the stars are also shining.



For a long time, due to size, technology, capital, management, and various constraints, Nantong private shipbuilding enterprise to build barges, mainly general cargo ships and other vessels, and high technology, high added value, large tonnage of high-end ship, few involved. Today, however, is precisely because of COSCO, "Double Star", Nantong private enterprises ship owners have a dream of transcendence.


But this was not enough, the various elements of productive private enterprises ship, eager to faster and more smooth to pour. RSHI President Chen Qiang said that in the construction of the ship mortgage is international practice, but it does not work in the domestic shipbuilding enterprises urgently need financial capital. In addition, Shanghai, Nantong ship test has an advantage, but the procedures are more, if the additional delivery of the Vessel base in Shanghai, ship exports will flow. General Manager Wang Zhinan born in Hong Kong shipping companies argued that the development of the shipbuilding industry, industry associations have existed in name only. In re-associations, should reflect the status of small and medium private enterprises, so that equal communication.


This is a private enterprises ship's "high-end dilemma" is an urgent need to address the "sweet pains."

銆??瓒呭父瑙勫缓璁炬湇鍔¢珮鍦?br />
銆??鍑犱箮涓?涔嬮棿锛屽崡閫氬ぉ鐢熸腐瑗块儴銆佸鐨嬮暱闈掓矙銆佸惎涓滄部姹熺瓑鏈紑杈熻埅閬撶殑宀哥嚎锛屽啋鍑轰簡澶氬鍏峰3鑷?涓囧惃绾ч?鑸硅兘鍔涚殑閫犺埞浼佷笟锛屽叏鍥界綍瑙侊紝鐪肩湅鐫?鍗曢鍚戝崡閫氾紝寮曡捣姹熷崡浠ュ強娴欐睙绛夊湴閫犺埞浼佷笟涓讳滑杩炶繛鎯婂懠銆?br />
Not open water, no open channel, nor even the ship terminal opened, but in a short time one by one. Last year in March, Keppel Corporation, Singapore Maritime inject 45 million yuan, the overall purchase Nantong Shipyard, senior manager, said Li Gang, Chinese and Nantong in the development of shipbuilding industry the unique location advantage at the same time, Nantong Maritime Bureau, the courage Gangzha District and other government departments responsibility to actively create conditions to promote enterprise extraordinary development, the investment is the key. "Born in Hong Kong the number of channels such as shipbuilding and marine waters of scale, have more than channel stand, and new ships into the water and transfer of existing legal and security barriers, we actively seek the support of Jiangsu Maritime Safety Administration, through scientific argumentation, to create conditions for protection launching the new ship and transition. "Nantong Maritime Bureau said the Secretary Xiufeng.

銆??鈥滄垚涔熸睙宀革紝璐ヤ篃姹熷哺鈥濄?鍗楅?澶╃敓娓タ閮ㄦ按閬撱?闀块潚娌欍?鍚笢娌挎睙姘村煙浠嶆湭寮??鑸亾锛屽嚭璺棶棰樿涓?壒娌挎睙閫犺埞浼佷笟鎻績銆?Marine Department said it would strengthen the sea with Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration test Battalion communication and collaboration channel Qidong city to actively promote building of the sea. At present, the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration of the sea test unit has begun testing the waters sweep, channel opening work is progressing steadily.瀵逛簬鍒剁害鍜屽奖鍝嶇浉鍏抽?鑸逛紒涓氬彂灞曠殑闀块潚娌欍?澶╃敓娓タ閮ㄦ按鍩熻埅閬擄紝姝e崗鍚屽幙甯?鍖?鏀垮簻鍜岀浉鍏充紒涓氳繘琛岃璇佽皟鐮旓紝缁勭粐鍔涢噺杩涜鎵祴锛屽苟绉瀬浜夊彇鑸亾閮ㄩ棬鐨勬敮鎸侊紝淇冧娇鑸亾鏃╂棩寮??銆?br />
銆??瓒呭父鏈嶅姟锛屽張宀傛鏄哺绾裤?鑸亾?甯傜粡璐稿鍓富浠绘潨姘告湞鎻愬嚭锛屽崡閫氳埞鑸跺伐涓氬彂灞曞簲閲囩敤鈥?鍔燲鈥濇ā寮忥紝鍗充互涓繙宸濆磶銆佺啍鐩涢噸宸ャ?鍚夊疂鑸硅埗杩欎笁瀹朵紒涓氫负鏍稿績锛岄噸鐐瑰彂灞曟皯钀ラ?鑸逛紒涓氾紝搴旀妸鐗╂祦涓氬拰鑸硅埗鍙婂叾閰嶅浜у搧甯傚満寤鸿锛屼綔涓鸿埞鑸跺伐涓氬彂灞曠殑涓ょ考锛岀潃鍔涘煿鑲层? In the Vocational Technical College, City metallurgical technology services company expanded model ship recruitment, training high-quality welding and other labor the same time, the ship opened in Nantong University, Engineering, established in Nantong, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Maritime University and other institutions of higher learning training points professional training for more than engineers.

銆??鐪佸涔﹁鏉庢簮娼姹傦紝鍏氬銆佹斂搴滃簲鍔╂帹閫犺埞浼佷笟鍥介檯鍖栵紝鐔旂洓瑕佷簤鍙栧埌缇庡浗涓婂競锛屽湪绾界害璇佸埜浜ゆ槗鎵?笂甯傦紝鍊熷姪鍥介檯閲戣瀺璧勬湰鍙戝睍鍗楅?鐨勯噸澶ц澶囦笟锛屽崡閫氬氨瑕佹悶杩欐牱鐨勯噸澶ц澶囦笟銆?China Shipbuilding Industry Association, said Zhang Guangqin, shipbuilding industry in the past were state-owned enterprises, currently the dominant three major state-owned group, Nantong Yangtze River Delta and even the rise of private shipbuilding company to set up in private enterprises as the core of China's fourth largest shipbuilding group is possible in such a new arena, we look forward to Nantong private shipbuilding enterprise listed overseas.

Supporting the development of ship park

Gangzha District Chen Qiaozhen heat up.璧拌繘闈㈢Н杈?7.6骞虫柟鍏噷娓椄鑸硅埗閰嶅宸ヤ笟鍖猴紝閫氬煄璺?椹汉璺瓑鏂板缓閬撹矾绗旂洿瀹介様锛岄挗缁撴瀯浠跺洯銆侀厤濂椾骇涓氬洯銆佷腑灏忎紒涓氬洯銆佺墿娴佸洯鍖轰互鍙婄爺鍙戜腑蹇冧簳鐒舵湁搴忋? Gangzha District Vice Mayor Zhu Guihua, at present the infrastructure investment has reached 250 million yuan, to attract ships to China and Japan, South fly Heavy Industries, a large number of companies such as Kirin Heavy settled.

銆??鏍规嵁鍖轰綅鐗圭偣銆佷骇涓氬熀纭?拰鎵胯浇鑳藉姏绛夋儏鍐碉紝閲嶇偣鍙戝睍鐨勯挗缁撴瀯浠躲?澶у瀷闃?棬銆侀敋閾剧瓑椤圭洰锛屾腐闂稿尯绉戝閫夋嫨浜т笟鍔熻兘瀹氫綅锛岃蛋閿欎綅绔炰簤銆佸樊寮傚寲鍙戝睍涔嬭矾銆?This, in turn with the Municipal Committee, vice mayor of Blue Shaomin recent study related to the European shipbuilding industry. In his view, the development of shipbuilding industry, ship equipment industry to be bigger and stronger. Efforts to promote the shipbuilding industry supporting Park to create Marine Equipment industry development platform is essential.

Low level of marine equipment at home, is striving to be China Nantong "shipbuilding city" of the "bottleneck." Value composition from a single vessel, combined with the current experience of the city part of the shipbuilding enterprise data analysis, material costs account for 80%% 10%% of labor costs and other costs 10%%. In accounting for the bulk of the materials, the ship manufacturing companies supporting the city's rate of about 8%%, outside the city matching rate of 20%%, matching rate of 72%% abroad, with Europe and other regions matching rate of 90%%, far from home. Only final assembly and integration, there is no supporting simultaneous development of industry, shipbuilding industry can only be "short-legged economy" can not be enduring.

It is gratifying that this situation began to change.浠婂勾3鏈堬紝涓栫晫鏈?ぇ鐨勬腐鍙f満姊扮敓浜у巶瀹朵笂娴锋尟鍗庢腐鏈猴紝钀芥埛寮?彂鍖烘捣娲嬭澶囧伐涓氬洯銆備互澶у瀷娓彛鏈烘璁惧銆佸ぇ椹姏涓?浣庨?鑸圭敤鏌存补鏈哄強鍏惰緟鍔╄澶囥?鑸圭敤鐢靛瓙鎺у埗绯荤粺鍜屽鑸澶囥?鏈鸿埍鑷姩鍖栫郴缁熶负涓绘敾鏂瑰悜锛屽紑鍙戝尯娴锋磱瑁呭宸ヤ笟鍥紝灏嗘垚涓哄崡閫氳埞鑸堕厤濂楀伐涓氬彂灞曠殑閲嶈澧為暱鏋併? Development Party Work Committee, Management Committee Director Chen of new confidence.

According to reports, the production base in Nantong Zhenhua Port Machinery total investment of 30 billion yuan put into production, annual output of 100 bridge crane, bridge container field 200 and a large offshore oil platform 50, the annual turnover of 1.5 billion U.S. dollars above. Among them, single-gear box, a project covering about 500 acres, completed an annual output of 20,000 sets of various major gear box, the annual output value of 1.6 billion or more, can significantly enhance China's own brands of large capacity of gear box.

Shipping supporting Gangzha District Industrial Zone, Development Zone, Industrial Park, marine equipment, and Qidong Binhai Industrial Park construction of ships, will greatly promote the marine equipment manufacturing industry cluster development, coordinated development and leapfrog development. Yong Du, deputy director of the Urban Economic and Trade Commission said the DPRK is currently the three parks have been approved by the Work Committee for National Defense, is expected to become a national ship supporting industrial park.


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Giant B & Q

October 18, 2003, Saturday, Beijing autumn, cloudless.

Less than 9 o'clock in the morning, the West Fourth Ring Road will present a busy scene, especially in the holly leaf plot, a terrible traffic jam block, that day, B & Q store opened in Beijing holly leaf.

As an internationally renowned building materials supermarket chain, B & Q in China familiar with, but the holly leaf is B & Q store in Beijing's first supermarket chains. Opening day, customers come here especially if the general tide coming from all directions, checkout the queue extends to the yard. "B & Q has more than 700 stores worldwide, for the first time in the opening day to see so many customers." B & Q International, President Gilman Yancangbuzhu speech in the excitement.

On this day, B & Q shop in Beijing holly leaf number three world records broken in the same industry: car park has parking 12,000 vehicles; store received a total of 90,000 customers; day sales of 4 million yuan.

An opening had such high sales, is the B & Q management of unexpected, after opening the day they expected sales of 2.5 million yuan. Responsible for home delivery customers new Coanda logistics company, have to this day has deployed three times the delivery vehicle.


B & Q from the United Kingdom is ranked first in Europe, the world's third international building materials supermarket chains, and its holding company is the UK's largest professional non-food retail investment group - Kingfisher. The multinational companies in China, although unknown, but for several years among the "Fortune" Global 500 list.

Shanghai B & Q has landed since 1999, has started in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and other cities to open 13 stores throughout eastern, southern, northern and central China. China Association of Enterprises in the chain are listed in the "home in 2002, building materials, home improvement," the professional championship, total sales among the top B & Q, and also won the single-store average sales of the first.

The appearance of the gold in Beijing, holly branch is the world's largest chain B & Q is the first building materials supermarket chain settled in Beijing. David Wei, general manager of B & Q China, boasted: "We plan in the next 5 years, in Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, opened a store in one after another. To the end of 2004, Beijing will have three B & Q chain stores."

Wen Dong, general manager of North China is also very confident about this program, "China's real estate industry developed rapidly in recent years, associated with home decorating industry looks promising. But now, even if all the building materials supermarkets in China together, but also the most only 2% to meet this market, we can see the very large increase in the supermarket space, B & Q is very optimistic about the prospects for this market. "

Domestic building materials circulation enterprises are mainly three kinds of industries: market stalls, factory stores and supermarket chains. Among them, the traditional market stalls occupy the main market players. In the case of a limited market share, accounting for a little more than B & Q, and other companies have to account for a little less, plus B & Q's background and strength, showing that domestic counterparts.
Insiders predict that in B & Q and other "foreign construction material supermarket," the impact of the Chinese mainland in order to store the form of a large number of traditional Yetai will "die 1 / 3 of the transition 1 / 3, Half-Life 1 / 3." Here the so-called transformation, is the adjustment of local building materials market business structure, relying on the development of supermarkets are not good at business, such as basic construction materials, bulk, and the supermarket coexistence.

But the thing that frightened local building materials market, or B & Q's low-cost advantage. B & Q, "the national cost of a global cost reduction, to reduce the area cost of the national costs," which is actually all transnational retail groups in the top-secret weapons invincible.

Wei, who to some traditional building materials as a consumer market research and found that shopping environment where not only the poor, uneven quality, and building materials business asking price is too high. Many commodities priced even higher than B & Q several times. Thus, Wei, declared, "We want to end era of the traditional building materials market profits!"

Procurement Advantages

B & Q is able to achieve low-cost, depends on its structured procurement system.

B & Q's procurement network is a combination of 3 levels. First, global sourcing networks, distributed in more than 14 countries and regions. Followed by the national network, B & Q has 14 stores in China, South China in Shenzhen as the center of East China with Shanghai as the center, north to Beijing as the center. These places are very close to the building materials production base, can reduce procurement costs. In addition, the B & Q will be in each city to find local brand suppliers. In this way, B & Q to each city to establish a procurement network gradually develop into a national network, and then into B & Q's global network.

Experts in the study found that B & Q's business strategy, which focused on the Wal-Mart's low-cost procurement and McDonald's yield advantage of multi-regional scale.

McDonald's procurement of major goods are food, low added value, relying on low-cost procurement of hard to significantly reduce costs. So crowded McDonald's in place for large-scale stores, lower prices by size of business. B & Q Similarly, it plans to open five years, 80 stores in China and to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, 4, with a population density, commercial development as the key development areas of the city.

Meanwhile, B & Q also has a variety of procurement of materials and design style brand, low added value. In this way, procurement and operating cost control became a problem. Thus, B & Q has successfully used the Wal-Mart "localized procurement" and "one-stop" marketing mode of operation. Traditional Chinese building materials market for the many and scattered, weak purchasing power of the characteristics of B & Q has also played a chain of local procurement capacity sales.

Wei, introduction, B & Q, Europe's largest building materials retailers, purchasing building materials from China each year, the amount of hardware tools and other goods up to 10 billion dollars. Of the total procurement volume of 1 / 3, which has an annual procurement volume of more than 15% annually.

Wen Tung said that several years ago B & Q set up purchasing centers in China is not easy to do. Currency settlement system, and institutional and technical issues, are restricting purchases of B & Q in China, he was General Manager of B & Q in North China. Last month, he heard that Foreign Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce policy will be loosened, B & Q purchases in China will soon have to expand the space.

B & Q China headquarters in Shanghai, its national procurement centers are also located there. Compatible with the scale of procurement, purchasing centers in China B & Q has over 150 employees, about 30 people in each region, each city established a small team of procurement, from 5-6 individuals.

B & Q North District Purchasing Director Shijun Jiang stressed that the procurement can not overlook the small grass-roots group, they are B & Q procurement network of nerve endings. Excellent suppliers often found by a small team, recommended to the regional purchasing center, then be slowly integrated into the country's procurement network. Thus, with the B & Q in the development of the country, its purchasing network covers more extensive grass-roots, more and more, the number of its suppliers will follow rapidly increasing, B & Q and then significantly decreased the overall cost of procurement .

B & Q's procurement network and a magic weapon to attract suppliers that his former club Kingfisher, through the cooperation with B & Q, there are already many suppliers have gradually entered the Kingfisher Group's procurement system, not only shared large share of procurement, but also gain entry into the European market and global opportunities for other building materials chain.

Logistics Strategy

B & Q to meet the huge procurement network and distribution services required for high volume sales and logistics system can not be less natural.

In China, B & Q is the only co-operation with third-party logistics companies building materials supermarket. Wendong said with confidence: "Our logistics management is the most advanced." But he also pointed out that cooperation with third-party logistics companies logistics operation B & Q is not the best solution, but with limited resources in the community circumstances, it is the most appropriate approach. Procurement network and advanced logistics management advantages of the combination of B & Q in the Chinese market is a core competence.

"All of transnational retail enterprises into China will face the logistics bottlenecks, which directly affects the development of the national chain strategy." Wendong great emphasis on modern logistics chain selling business sense.

Therefore, the B & Q and logistics company in Shanghai New Coanda cooperation, the new Coanda responsible for all newly opened supermarket logistics, delivery both upstream suppliers to solve the problem, also solve the downstream delivery to the client.

Shekou, Shenzhen, the new headquarters Coanda was founded in 1995, is Singapore's SembCorp Logistics and Shenzhen, Shekou Industrial Zone, a joint venture with registered capital of 10 million U.S. dollars. B & Q is on the company's biggest advantage is that the city wide coverage and cooperation of business covers Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Planning in B & Q, in the normal operation of the new supermarket opened, the upstream and downstream logistics business will be assigned to different third-party logistics company. Upstream supplier delivery problems will be Jiayu Logistics companies, the daily picking each supermarket is looking for a local logistics company.

Wendong that this is B & Q now in China to achieve the most appropriate logistics solutions.

"I know that many domestic supermarkets are completely on their own materials to do the logistics, seven or eight individuals, like that on the number of trucks to solve the problem. In fact, the added value of such services often can not deliver on time, can not do to the good after-sales service, distribution capabilities even keep up, so we believe it should be a professional logistics company to do. "

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Real ones hidden IP

Now many of the LAN machines are set a fixed IP address, so that can easily be internal or external hackers, Discovery, and then attack. Therefore, we need to hide the computer inside the LAN IP address to ensure safety. We can change the LAN computer name of a fake IP address, in order to deceive the junior hackers. Specific methods are as follows:

In Windows 9x, click the "Start 鈫?Settings 鈫?Control Panel", double-click "network" in the pop-up window, click on the "Identity" tab, then set the computer name to an IP address at random the name of the form, click [OK] that is be.

Under the Windows 2000/XP, right click on the "My Computer" icon, select "Properties" in the pop-up "System Properties" window, select the "Computer Name" tab in the tab will be "computer description" After the contents of the text box into a IP address (see photo), and finally click on the [application] can be.

The computer name can be taken as real



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